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A young woman walked down the dirt road, a dear skin bag, filled with all of her belongings, slung over her shoulder. She had been walking for two days now, where she was going, she didn’t yet know. Little did she know her fate would be set in front of her by the end of the day.

By midday the young girl stopped for lunch, sitting alongside the dirt road up against a tree and out of the way of other travelers. Pulling out a smaller bag of dried meat and fruit she slowly began to fill her stomach, unaware of the danger closing in on her until the shouts and laughs of men could be heard.

Coming in view from around a slight bend in the road was a large party of men on both horseback and foot, towing along a few carts of supplies. All of men were dressed in clothes that looked like they belonged to higher class people, but the men didn’t have the faces or the body movement for it. The way they hunched, how dirty they were, like thugs and thieves.

Upon spotting and realizing who the men most likely were, the young girl became ridged and quickly drew her eyes away from the party, silently praying that the men simply ignored her and kept on down the trail. But her luck was not with her that day as almost instantly two men in the party spotted here.

“Hey sweetheart!” One man whistled at her.

“What are you doing all alone out here?” The other man called, but the young girl just ignored them both. After a moment she found out that was the wrong decision to make. Upon everyone realizing that there was a lone girl on the road, the party had stopped and the two men had started forwards towards the girl, now annoyed with her ignoring their calls.

“Hey! We are talking to you!” The first man called walking right over to the girl. Quickly the girl grabbed her bag and scrambled to her feet.

“I don’t want any trouble.” She said staring the man down, trying to look intimating. But the girl was but only eighteen and was rather short compared to them, there was nothing about her that even had the notion of being threatening.

“Well that’s too bad.” The man growled grabbing for her. But the girl’s short stature helped with her speed and she quickly dodged out of the man’s grasp before turning and running down the road as fast as she could, clutching her bag to her chest.

As she ran she heard men laughing and teasing the one man before the clomping of hooves could be heard. Daring to steal a glance behind her she saw two men on horseback headed after her with wicked grins on their faces. Within seconds the men were on either side of her, both reaching down for her. The first man was able to get a grasp on her shirt but the moment he did the girl stopped running. The two opposing forces, from the horse and from the stopped girl, caused the man to jerk backwards out of his saddle while pulling the young girl forwards by her shirt. Thankfully in the chaos the man let go of the girl’s shirt and she was able to keep upright, starting forwards once again as the man fell to the dirt on his face.

Smiling at the man from her small victory the girl momentarily forgot the other horseman who had, unfortunately for her, turned his horse around and was headed back towards her.

Turning back around to continue running the girl saw him, but it was too late, he was upon her. Slowing his horse as he came up beside her the man reached down with one arm and quite literally swept the girl off of her feet.

“Let me go!” The girl screamed, struggling, trying desperately to get out of his grasp. But the man pulled her over his lap and held her down as his horse slowed to a halt. The other men of the group walked over to the successor of the hunt and any escape the girl imagined was dashed as they surrounded the horse and its passengers.

“She’s a feisty one isn’t she?” Several of the men commented on the girl’s fire along with other comments that made the girl’s stomach tighten with fear. These men were determined to have their way with her, every single one of them.

“I caught her so she’s mine.” The man on the horse with the girl over his lap proclaimed. Within a moment the girl’s legs were grabbed and she was pulled off the horse kicking and screaming yet again. Hands grabbed at her body as she was passed around the men like a toy. Eventually the girl did manage to bite down on one of the hands that reached for her, causing the man to yell out in pain before a sharp slap was dealt across her face.

“Tie her up and throw her on one of the horse. We’ll deal with her when we make camp.” One man ordered, assumingly the leader although the girl couldn’t see him. Instantly the men grumbled and the girl was released from the crowd but still in the grasp of one man who glared down at her, causing her chest to fill with fear.

Grabbing hold of her arms he forced the girl forwards until they were at one of the horses. Keeping an iron clad grip on one of her wrists the man reached up for a rope that was hung on the side of the saddle. The girl, seeing he was occupied with his task, tried once again to get free. Quickly she kicked the man in the neither region then mustered up all of her strength and pulled away from the man’s grasp. Turning to run away the girl hit a wall of muscle, stopping her dead in her tracks. Grabbing hold of her arms the man whose body had stopped her, held firm to her while the other man, whom was recovering from her attack, let out a string of curses at her. After a minute the man finally was able to pull himself together and when he did he went straight for the young girl.

“Don’t.” The man who held her growled. “Tiebaut wants her untouched.” He said glaring down at the shorter man. The shorter man glared right back but made no more attempts to attack to the young girl, instead turning around letting out a string of profane phrases mostly aimed towards the girl and his leader. Grabbing the rope from the horse he then turned back around and tied the girl’s hands and feet all while she was held firmly by the massive man. When he was done the man then, as if she weighed nothing, picked her up and laid her on her stomach on the saddle of the horse, the first man had gotten the rope from.

“That’s my horse!” The man shouted but the taller man just glared down at him. “Go put her somewhere else!” The man demanded not even threated by the man’s gaze. The bigger man opened his mouth to say something but the thought was stolen as a sudden shout was heard from the front of the group.

“Horses are coming, grab your weapons!” A man yelled and the group of thieves instantly armed themselves with whatever weapon they had.

Readying themselves a few stood at the front of the group, unpoised and cocky, expecting whatever to come their way to see them and turn tail and run the other way.

Suddenly from around the bend, instead of a horse, came running a knight, easily two and a half meters tall dressed in black armor with golden accents and a helmet adorned with horns, holding a massive golden sword with both hands as long as some of the men standing there. The sight alone was enough to scare some of the men, but the speed he was coming towards them at caused the rest to realize that they were in for a fight. Quickly trying to ready themselves, the knight was upon them and before they knew it, three men lay dead on the ground.

Surprised by the speed and size of the knight slicing through his men, the leader Tiebaut almost missed the group of five other knights riding towards his already dwindling group.

“Watch the front!” The man shouted, grabbing his own sword and jumping onto his horse. The man could care less about his men, he could always get more, what he was worried about were his assets. All of the items he had ‘acquired’ over the span of several months were worth more than he was willing to give up.

The young girl, who was still lying on the horse tied up, tried to see what was going on but she was facing away from the action and couldn’t get up to see. But the shouting and the clanging of metal told her that the fighting was intense and many people were being defeated, hopefully her attackers.

Silently the young girl let out a prayer that the apposers were friendly and would save her from the men. She made no attempt to call for help though, in case they weren’t. 

Suddenly a weapon went flying from one of the thieves hands and struck the horse that the girl was lying on. Startled by the attack the horse instantly was spooked and jumped into the air thrashing around in blind furry. Letting out a scream, the young girl was thrown into the air, closing her eyes quickly as it happened. There were only two things that could happen and both were bad. She would either fall to the ground and be knocked out or she would be kicked by the horse in the air and then probably trampled.

She was only in the air a few seconds but as she began to fall back down to the earth she was suddenly snatched from the air by two very big and powerful hands. Instantly the girl was drawn into someone’s chest and she opened her eyes to see a massive black knight with a helmet adorned with horns staring down at her. It was hard to see but she could faintly make out two golden eyes underneath the helmets shadow staring back at her. The two stared at each other, the young girl more amazed that the man had just saved her then anything else. The girl opened her mouth to thank him, but couldn’t manage to get any words out as she continued to stare up at him in awe.

The black knight took one last moment to look at her before suddenly shifting the girl around to hold her in his right arm, reaching down with his left to pull out a small dagger from his belt. Looking down to see what he was doing the young girl saw the massive golden blade stuck upright out of the dirt right in front of them. The sword was almost as big as she was! Was it his? Before the girl could ask she felt a tug at her wrists and looked down to see the knight cutting through the ropes holding her wrists bound. Quickly the knife cut through the rope before the man easily reached down and cut through the rope at her legs. Sheathing his dagger when the rope fell, the man then turned around, with her still in his arm, and looked around the chaos. Most of the men were dead, and if they weren’t, they would be soon from the other five knights running around fighting them off.

The young girl watched in amazement. There were only five knights, not counting the one holding her, and they were tearing apart the band of thieves like it was child’s play. Then suddenly the black knight let out an ear piercing whistle before raising his hand up in the air to grab the attention of one of the knights.

The knight in red armor instantly whipped around and looked towards where the black knight was holding the girl. Reigning their horse around, the knight quickly guided the animal over to the two, putting their sword away as they did.

Neither saying a word the black knight, who already towered over the rider and their horse, easily lifted the young girl up and placed her behind the knight.  

“Hold on.” A muffled voice came from inside the armor of the red knight and the girl quickly did as told and wrapped her arms around the knight’s waist. Looking over at the black knight she watched him nod slightly before she felt a sense of relief wash over her, like everything was going to be okay.

The knight on the horse then slapped the reigns and the horse took off, turning back the way the knights had ridden in from. Holding on tightly to the knight, the girl managed to look behind her and saw the black knight pick up his massive sword just as two men advanced towards him. With one stroke of his sword the two men were down causing the young girl’s eyes to widen.

And that is when she saw him, the leader of the thieves coming up behind the massive knight on horseback, bloodlust in his eyes. Opening her mouth to warn him, the knight disappeared from her view, suddenly appearing beside the horse, snatching leader from his mount by his shirt.

The man instantly shouted in surprise before realizing what was going on. Twisting around in his shirt, the man tried to free himself from the giant’s grasp. But before he could escape, the massive knight dropped him on his back, into the dirt.

The young girl watched in awe before suddenly the knight rounded the bend of the road, blocking everything from view. Turning back around the young girl looked at the back of the knight who had slowed their horse to a slow trot.

“Where are we going?” The girl questioned but the knight said nothing instead keeping their gaze forward. After a few minutes the sound of hooves grew behind them and the young girl turned back around. All of the other knights appeared behind them, riding to catch up.

The young girl quickly searched them but then suddenly became confused. Where was the black knight that had saved her? Had he been hurt? That’s when she saw him. The black knight, running after the group.

The girl’s jaw literally dropped as she watched the knight not only catch up but then keep pace with the other knight’s horses before then start to out run them. How was that even possible? The girl’s mind raced before suddenly the horse she was riding on took a sharp left causing the girl to turn back around and hold on tighter. Trying to look over the knights shoulder to see where they were going proved to be pointless as the girl was simply too short. But after a few minutes the horse slowed down considerably before suddenly stopping altogether. Looking to her left the girl saw a bunch of tents and realized that they were at a camp site.

The knight in red armor, sitting in front of her quickly dismounted before raising their hand up to help the girl down. She quickly took it and jumped off the horse. Looking around at the men riding up the girl didn’t know what to say or do, it was all so much to take in. So when she opened her mouth to speak, the words she said were the first ones to come to her.

“Who are you?”

The Rouge Knights
So I came up with the concept for this story about a week ago. I thought about it for a while and then asked my amazing friend kitsunefire7  for some advice on a character and not only did she help me out but then she drew him for me!!!! I wont give you the link to her picture yet cause I haven't introduced him yet and I dont want to spoil anything sooooo you are just gonna have to wait till maybe next chapter??
Anyway thanks so much for reading this! Hope you enjoyed it!
Any comments, suggestions, critiques, things I can do better? I'm open to all of them! Even if you didn't like it, I want to know so please dont be afraid to share!

Chapter 2: Coming soon! 

PS: I dont plan on making this story to long so I might be able to finish it this time! I just need if I want a bad ending or a good ending O-o
PPS: Bat title I know, couldn't think of anything else again suggestions are welcome -__


Just call me Azores
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Hmmmm well I cant tell you much ... but I can tell you I adore Anime!!!! Any anime!!!!! Well .... not Neon Genisis Evangelion ... I hated that!!!! They ended it so weird!!!! ... actualy they didnt end it ... I dont think ... I duno! BUT NEVER WATCH THAT ANIME IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN!!!!
Trust me a mind is a terrible thing to lose, I keep losing mine ...
Any way ... I love drawing ... though I dont think I'm very good. I've recently gotten into painting. I love to act, I would love to become an Actress some day! Or a Cook!! I would love to become a Chef!!!! But what ever, God will take me where ever he choses my path to be set!

Current Residence: My imagination ... it's nice there
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.... so .... Hi?

It's been a while since I talked to you guys hu? .... well ... Hi! Schools done .... I should be working on more stuff but I can't ... my art chair was taken from me and given away for a while and we have no extra chairs that fit my table ... so I kinda can't finish my painting as of right now ...So I am bored out of my brains ... Any ideas for summer fun anyone? Please!

Anyway ... this was a nice chat.

I love all my watchers! Bye!

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